776498920Betrayed by your brain and body…

The racing thoughts you CAN’T turn off…

The tension throughout your body…

The stomach aches…

The panic that sets in when your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your chest…

Stressed, overwhelmed, and on edge, you’re ready to jump out of your skin!

It’s utterly… exhausting.

Trying to control your thoughts and feelings…

Avoiding anything that might trigger your anxiety…

Constantly battling the frustration that comes from not being able to change…

You’re left feeling tired, hopeless, and trapped.

149934173It’s not getting any easier…

So, let me help. I’m here to be your partner!

When we start working together, you’ll first notice how good it feels to have someone truly LISTEN to what you’re going through –someone who can empathize with your experiences.

As I learn your story, we’ll look at the root causes of your anxiety – where it started, how it developed, and why it’s affecting you in the present.

As we explore your anxiety’s past and present, you’ll learn how it shows up in your brain, body, and life. When you understand anxiety, you can learn to head off intrusive thoughts and move away from guilt, worry, and insecurity.

We’ll also discuss what you want out of life – your goals for getting through anxiety and living a full life on the other side!

Once you break anxiety’s grip…

You’ll feel in control – no matter how high your anxiety level is.

And when you don’t have to use all your energy to control your anxiety, you’ll have reserves to do the things you enjoy!

Go to the store without constantly scanning for what’s around you.

Enjoy the present moment instead of replaying old scenes in your head.

Say goodbye to that inner critic telling you you’re not good enough.

Feel relaxed in your body!

2331124443Questions and answers…

Do I need to have an anxiety diagnosis before starting counseling?

No. Many people experience anxiety at various levels and don’t need a diagnosis for therapy to be helpful.

Do I need to take medication for my anxiety to go away?

Not necessarily. Many people reach their goals in therapy without medication. I do not prescribe medication, but if you’re interested in pursuing it, I can talk to you about your options and refer you to an appropriate provider.

How long is treatment?

It depends on several factors. Some people reach their goals in a few months, while others find longer-term therapy beneficial. This is something that we discuss together throughout treatment.

How will I know when it’s time to stop therapy?

Most people are ready to terminate when they feel like themselves again. They experience joy and happiness without the constant worry and stress. That’s the sign that therapy has been successful – that you’ve reached your goals and are now on the right path.

It’s time to take back control of your life.

How you’re feeling right now… it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

You can move through this life with ease and confidence.

Let your authentic self shine!

Give me a call, and we’ll talk more during your free 15-minute consultation: (347) 618-6641.