Individual Therapy

1947138829You know you’re not your thoughts, but…

You know they’re holding you back.

They swirl around in your head, spiraling into intense worry as you feel like jumping out of your skin.

It’s hard to say where they came from, but they echo through your mind daily, and it’s getting harder and harder to cope.

All you know is you long for clarity and a sense of power.

Broken, unworthy, and mistreated…

That’s probably how you feel based on past experiences with others.

It’s no wonder your current relationships are suffering!

You want to repair those relational wounds that haunt you…

You just don’t know how.

739476223Therapy can give you the answers you’ve been looking for…

Exploring the past…

Therapy gives you a better understanding of how your past experiences impact your present day. We’ll explore patterns of how you relate to others and why you do what you do. This work teaches you what’s behind your thoughts, feelings, and actions, creating opportunities to discover new options to live your best life.

Addressing difficult feelings…

Feelings of unworthiness or being unlovable are common feelings that lead to low self-esteem.

Learning to love ourselves and truly knowing our worth—regardless of what others say or think – is a true gift of therapy. Through therapy, you’ll start feeling good about who you are so you can be that person in this world.

Learning to cope with change…

Nothing in life is permanent, and change is inevitable. That doesn’t make it easy, though – even when you WANT the change! As your therapist, I’ll be a compassionate, resourceful guide through life transitions. I look forward to collaborating with you and providing comfort so you can navigate life’s changes more smoothly.

Discovering who you are…

We want to know who we are – who we’re meant to be. Therapy can help you cultivate a greater sense of self. Let’s dive into the depths of who you are so you can move forward, making decisions that align with your true needs and desires.

You are always in control…

… of what you share and when you share it. We’ll create a treatment plan together and let it change and evolve as our work progresses.

We’ll address what’s troubling you in the present while strategizing for a better future.

We’ll challenge the thoughts that don’t serve you while giving you coping strategies to provide you with relief.

We’ll employ a range of strategies while healing in a safe, trusting environment.

Enough of the confusion!

It’s time to figure out what’s going on so you can enjoy relating to others and live a full life.

I’m here for you!

Call today for your free consultation. Let’s talk about how I can help: (347) 618-6641.