Relationship Therapy for One

2302642649New face, same story…

Have you noticed the same pattern playing out again and again in your relationships? If you have, you’ve probably wondered, “Maybe I’m doing something wrong?!”

Perhaps you get into relationships you know aren’t good for you, but you keep finding yourself attracted to the same kinds of partners… and once you’re in, it’s hard to walk away because you think it’s all you deserve or you can’t do any better.

Or maybe it’s TOO easy for you to leave your relationships. They bring up certain thoughts and feelings, and before you know it, you’re sabotaging the relationship – pushing them away before they can hurt you.

1859322823It’s time to break these patterns.

Let’s explore self-critical messaging that might be impacting the relationships – those saying you’re not worthy of love and a healthy relationship. You can overtake that harsh inner critic, but you must be aware of those messages and why they’re not true.

Learning why you initiate or leave relationships is key to forming healthy partnerships. Only by knowing your patterns can you change them to align with your values and ideals. Knowing who you are and what you deserve will make you more secure in your relationships.

A fulfilling, satisfying relationship depends on showing up as your authentic self. I’m here to help you do that!

Questions and answers…

Is this the same as couples counseling?

No. This is a form of individual counseling focusing on how your thoughts and emotions impact your relationships.

How do I know whether my relationship is healthy?

This is a great thing to explore in therapy! We’ll examine your values, beliefs, and patterns to ensure you’re getting the relationships you deserve!

Will my partner know I’m in counseling?

Not unless you want them to. Several state and federal laws protect your privacy and confidentiality, so unless you give written permission to talk to your partner, I will not discuss your treatment with them.

1992115676Healthy relationships ARE possible.

Maybe you haven’t had the best role models or made some “mistakes” on your path. That’s okay.

Let’s turn the page… no more feeling scared or overwhelmed in your relationships. As you know, that makes for a frustrating, exhausting cycle!

Whether you want to strengthen your current relationship or prepare for the future, I can help you feel strong and confident.

You’re not in this alone!

I’m here for you. Call today and we can discuss possibilities during your free consultation: (347) 618-6641.